Issue #3 | Mummified Cats, Webtoon, & Love Stories?

So far this was what I read in 2020...

Welcome back to the Interesting Asian Newsletter. A bi-weekly newsletter where I, (Jennifer) tackle all things lifestyle and books. For this week’s newsletter, we’re diving into everything that I’ve read these past few months. If you found something that captured your attention, let me know!

Books (Currently):

WEBTOON: Shoutout to all my friends who recommended some Webtoon stories to me. My reading list is packed with so many good stories at the moment. By the way, this is not my full reading list. I have more on Webtoon but I’m tackling a little bit at a time 😅.

  • Midnight Poppy Land by Lilydusk - This story was actually the reason why I went back to Webtoon a few months ago. I’m soooo obsessed with it and I can't recommend it enough! Also, can we please talk about Tora for just a second?! 

  • The Post Man by bubbleteaM

  • Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe - I’ve heard so much hype about this Webtoon that I had to give a chance. So far, so good!

  • True Beauty by Yaongyi - Do I even need to explain why this is a must read?!

  • Mom, I’m Sorry by MiTi / GUGU

  • Edith by swansgarden

Articles & Stories: If you’re looking for some serious reads, here are some recommendations down below.

  1. Real Talk:

  1. Career:

  1. Beauty:

  1. Health & Wellness:

  1. Interesting & Cool:

Next Time: I’m so excited to share my very first book review where I dive into Loveboat, Taipei. If you’re a bookworm (or know one) please come over and join the conversation!